Pour commencer la série "Maquillage longue durée", voici comment, en 5 étapes, faire tenir son rouge à lèvres toute la journée : 

Gardez un oeil ouvert pour les 2 prochaines parties de la série "Maguillage longue durée" : Regard & Visage !

To start the series « Long-lasting makeup », here are in 5 steps, how to have a long-lasting lipstick all day long :

Tuto Time (picture in french version)

  1. Moisturize and remove the excess with a tissue (Dry lips : exfoliate just before the moisturizer).
  2. Foundation to unify the lips contour and/or a lip primer (Benefit, Mac,…)
  3. Lip pencil with the same color lipstick. Blend the lip pencil all over the lips.
  4. Tissue on the lips. Translucid powder over the tissue.
  5. Lipstick with a lip brush for a better precision.


=> Tissue on lipstick + powder + lipstick. You can do it 2-3 times.
=> Finalize with a makeup fix spray on the face (Mac, Urban Decay, MUFE,…)

Keep an open eye for the next two parts of the series « Long-lasting makeup » : Eyes & Face !